Himalayan Bath Salt 500g | 84 Minerals | Natural Healing | Buy Natural

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It is 100% natural, unrefined salt
Vegan Friendly
Contains 84 different essential minerals and trace elements to help replenish the skin leaving it feeling more hydrated
Himalayan Pink Salt is suitable for use in baths to treat certain skin conditions such as acne or muscle aches.
Helps relax the muscles after a long day
Stimulates blood flow Exfoliates the skin

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Himalayan Pink Salt is known for its unrefined organic quality that you can’t get from any other salt in the World.
Woodside Foods guarantee is that our Himalayan Bathing Salt is free from any GMO’s and additives. This is a Vegan Friendly Bath Salt as it is 100% Organic.
This salt has been mined and hand-selected for the highest grade of quality. Our bath salt is pink due to its high content of essential minerals found in the salt – which is extremely helpful for those looking to hydrate their skin.

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